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OCL+BIOS: A Naturally Brilliant Solution
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New Product Announcements

Etched Panel Acoustic
Rev Cluster: Rings and Things and Fine Array
Aro Cluster: Custom Allure, Standard Ease
Neo™ Pendant: Utility Redefined
New Object: Kwyet™ Sphere
OCL+BIOS: A Naturally Brilliant Solution
New Objects: Petals & Petals Acylic
New Options: 90CRI Now Available on Six Fixture Series
New Objects: Rev™ / Stealth™ / Liner™
New Object: Glowball™ Cluster Pendant
New Object: Glowring™ Acoustic Pendant
New Object: KWYET™ Acoustic Pendant
New Object: ALL NEW Tubie™ 3, 5, and 7
New Object: Glowball™ Pendant
New Object: Diverge Series
Live In Color: Acoustic Palette Expansion


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AIA Flyer – Health & Beauty in Architectural Lighting (HSW)
AIA Flyer – Lasting Lighting
AIA Flyer – Arch-Deco LED Aesthetics


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