You gotta hear this… This EP is a Banger!

Jan 8, 2024


OCL is dropping a surprise new EP today!  Titled Etched Panel (EP) Acoustic, this 8 track EP is available in in three cover variants – Rev, Stealth and Glowring.



Wait… What are we talking about?

We’re talking about our latest creative solution, Etched Panel (EP) Acoustic. This is not your typical acoustic lighting, but an inventive approach that combines the power of sound mitigation with the beauty of decorative lighting at grand scales. These etched panels offer the ultimate design flex with 24 bold colors and an subtle geometric detail.

But here’s the best part. Our Etched Panel seam-cloaking technique allows for larger scale acoustic panels of 60″ and 72″ on our Rev, Stealth, and Glowring luminaires – creating some of the largest scale decorative acoustic lighting luminaires on the market.


Why is a Seam Necessary in Larger Sizes?

One of the limitations of our acoustic lighting fixtures is scale.  That’s because acoustic PET felt is typically produced in 4′ x 8′ sheets (like a sheet of plywood or drywall).  This limits our seamless acoustic offering to 48″ or smaller.  Any fixture over 48″ requires two panels butted together with a seam and additional hardware to span the entire fixture.  The seam by itself was not visually appealing.

So we’ve developed a unique… and quite clever solution.  We’ve hidden that seam within an “etched” bevel cut pattern – allowing larger scale acoustic panels on our fixtures, and a unique and fun pattern that conceals the seam needed to achieve this scale.

It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities of Etched Panel (EP) Acoustic in your next project. Pre-order your copy today and be one of the first to experience the future of sound and lighting.



*Note: this announcement takes some creative liberties, but we think you’re savvy enough to get it.