Live In Color

Feb 12, 2021



Live in color 

Why not make life more colorful?

OCL strives to create acoustic lighting solutions that designers love.  As a part of that desire, we have expanded our acoustic color palette with the introduction of 25 fresh new colors. Our new acoustic palette is rich with vibrant options to experiment with, to create fun and playful looks and to add dynamics dashes of liveliness 

With creative color names ranging from Cherry Red to Natural Linen, our new acoustic palette adds a lively spin on our previous acoustic options. Trendy colors like Blush, Seafoam Green, and Deepwater deepen the offering. We are committed to being unique within this emerging solution all while creating more sustainable and higher quality fixtures. 

Now you can work in color, play in color, and live in color.  

To see our fresh new acoustic palette and our available products, download our Acoustic Brochure.


Why Acoustic Lighting? 

Outstanding lighting performance shouldn’t be an after-thought with acoustic lighting. Proper lighting and noise levels can greatly impact productivity.  Research has shown that distractions can contribute up to 66% less productivity in the workplace. Backed by solid data and proof of performance, the high performing luminaires and sound absorbing decorative felt of OCL’s Acoustic Solutions help to create an environment of higher focus, and provide beautiful aesthetics and high performance light.  

Our sound mitigating acoustic panels are comprised of 100% polyester fiber PET (polyethylene/polyester) felt. They’re made of a minimum 50 percent post-consumer recycled content.  We use zero adhesives or chemicals on the materials, making them 100 percent recyclable.  Our PET acoustic panels are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-irritant and also ASTM E84 Class A flame rated, Declare certified (pending) and  LBC Red List free.



Our commitment to providing superior light quality sets our Acoustic products apart. Our Acoustic Solutions now offers four fixtures- Kwyet, Glowring, Rev, and Stealth in various sizes, finishes, and acoustic colors. Each fixture has been independently tested by a leading acoustical laboratory to show the sound-absorbing properties. We are expanding the boundaries for light by maximizing the potential of open spaces.

To align with our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability goals, our 9mm acoustic panels are made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials with zero adhesives or chemicals. With the use of completely recycled materials, we are increasing our efficiency and offering increasingly sustainable solutions.

Our custom and modification capabilities in acoustic lighting are second to none.  We pride ourselves on always delivering an outstanding and unique bespoke solution, crafted with a particular eye for beauty and detail.