New Objects: Glowball™ & Glowstick™ Diverge

Nov 11, 2020

DIVERGE /dəˈvərj,dīˈvərj/
verb: to move or extend in different directions from a common point 


OCL is excited to announce the launch of Diverge. Our popular Glowstick and Glowball luminaires are reimagined as multipoint pendant fixtures with a side or bottom port canopy option. 

Diverge takes two forms you know- Glowball and Glowstick – and enhances their capabilities, giving designers an added modern take on the traditional chandelier look.  Diverge can be used to create that tailored installation designers desire in bespoke lighting, using more cost-effective standard product and a bit of imagination. 

This innovative design allows for artistic agency in how the multipoint fixture is draped. Use the playful bottom port canopy design to create an artistic or whimsical atmosphere or choose the side port to give symmetry and geometry to a ceiling plane. The result can be a stunning effect on the setting. Versatility and creativity are perfectly paired in this inventive design, as the lights collectively create a luminous aura. 

This brilliant ensemble is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical – perfectly suited to flexible environments with its simple single canopy and relocatable cords and hooks. 

Diverge’s maximum versatility perfectly suits any designer’s imagination. It’s well-matched for elevated hospitality spaces that require flexible positioning of both furniture and lighting.  Or at home in modular educational environments answering to the challenge of flexible needs in today’s learning spaces. 

Pair the Glowstick or Glowball luminaire with a 7-drop or 14-drop fixture and either a side port or bottom port canopy. Choose from 4 braided cord colors – black, white, silver, and a new polished copper option. 


The Details 

  • Up to 2450 lumens (7-drop) or 4900 lumens (14-drop) 
  • 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000 CCT 
  • 80+CRI or 90+CRI 
  • Dimming to 10% 
  • Four cord color options (black, white, silver, polished copper) 
  • 120/240/360” cord length options, field-adjustable