REV: Welcome to the Revolution

Jun 26, 2024


Welcome to the REVolution

OCL’s Rev family expands – bringing with it several new illumination and mounting choices.

Our aspiration to push the boundaries of design and innovation continues. OCL is thrilled to announce the latest extension of our Rev series. The new Rev family extension brings a host of exciting additions to this minimal 1.75″ profile that will elevate your next lighting project.

Our popular decorative ring luminaire offers designers a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. These luminaires provide a striking visual element that can enhance the architectural features of any space, creating a centerpiece that draws the eye and adds a touch of brilliantly-lit elegance.

We’ve added direct or direct/indirect illumination capabilities, along with with surface and ceiling mounting to offer a abundance of versatile architectural lighting solutions using our Rev luminaire. Over 100,000 combinations are possible!




Designers are increasingly turning to ring-shaped luminaires for their simplicity and visual appeal.  Our Rev now offers both down (RV3) and up/down (RV4) illumination options alongside the current inner (RV1) and outer (RV2) options. providing versatile lighting solutions that cater to a space’s specific lighting needs.

  • RV1 – Inner illumination
  • RV2 – Outer illumination
  • RV3 (NEW) – 100% down illumination for focused downlight
  • RV4 (NEW) – 90% down / 10% up illumination adds just a splash of ambient uplight
*Please note: RV4 is not available with a dual circuit option



What’s new part 2: Flexible Mounting Options

We understand that every space is unique, which is why the Rev is now available with ceiling and surface mount options. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate the entire Rev family into any space, whether it’s a modern office, a hospitality space, or a chic retail space.

Ceiling & surface mount comes standard with 2″ standoffs (making our surface mount ADA compliant), however 4″ and 6″ options are also available.  Mix and match sizes, and overlap rings to create unique clusters and configurations.



What’s NEW PART 3: Power Over Cable (PoC) Technology

Say goodbye to bulky power cords and hello to sleek, streamlined cables with our Power over Cable (PoC) options. Now Rev pendant is available with PoC to deliver power via two low voltage cables, eliminating the power cord, simplifying installation and reducing visual clutter. This innovative feature ensures that your lighting choice is not only beautiful but also efficient and easy to manage.



What’s New Part 4: Rev Shapes

Our 1.75″ Rev profile lends itself to so many possibilities. Now you have an easy way to take our Rev luminaire and shape-shift it into all types of pre-configured or unique forms.

Our simple Rev Shapes Modification Guide gives you three options to get the modified or custom luminaire(s) your project requires.

  • OPTION 1: Choose from our library pre-configured shapes at almost any dimension. Plug in the rest of your specs.  Boom, done. Wasn’t that easy?
  • OPTION 2: Grab a pencil (or a pen if you’re feeling super confident) and sketch out your idea on our Configuration Matrix.
  • OPTION 3: Download our provided STEP files and play with them in your CAD program of choice.

Triangle, hexagons, octagons, rectangles – you can spec all of those and more with Rev Shapes.

That’s it!  Take a look at our Rev Shapes Modification Guide to spec your Rev Shape!




Whats New Part 5: Acoustic Solutions

Our flat and etched acoustic panel options for Rev – in all 24 colors – traverse to ceiling, surface and POC mounting.  Use Rev Acoustic to add bursts of color and textures to your project – with functional sounds mitigation backed by third party testing and data.


When will Rev be available for my project?

Rev Inner (RV1) and Rev Outer (RV2) in all configurations are AVAILABLE NOW – shipping in just 4-6 weeks.

Rev Down (RV3) and Rev Up/Down (RV4) are AVAILABLE TO SPECIFY NOW and will ship later this yearContact your OCL Representative with questions or for more information.

Discover the Rev family and see how it can revolutionize your next lighting project.  Welcome to the REVolution!



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