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LOOP™ is even better with MAJOR updates

Sep 27, 2018

When we think of our favorite light fixture — that one luminaire that signifies style every time it’s mentioned or appears in photos — more often it’s LOOP™.

That’s why OCL has released a major performance update to our beloved LOOP™.  The upgrade introduces a number of enhancements to one of OCL’s most popular and highly-regarded luminaires.

LOOP™ is now exclusively LED — maximizing it’s efficacy, construction, stability, and light output with the latest generation of LED arrays and drivers.

The top reflector plate is redesigned to eliminate gaps and notches — minimizing any intrusion of dust and debris.

Internal improvements include adding the latest generation LED drivers (with the dimming functionality and programmability you’ve come to expect), fewer and stronger wire connections, and improved light uniformity across the diffuser.  A new, larger heatsink extends the life of the LEDs and minimizes chromaticity shift.

It’s one of our favorites, and now LOOP™ is better than ever — with greater efficacy, flexibility and reliability alongside enhanced aesthetics and quality.

You can find more information about our next-generation LOOP™ here.

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