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New Product Focus – Sky’s the limit with SKYLINE™

Aug 9, 2018

Skyline™ - 237 Park Avenue

The applications really are endless with OCL’s latest SKYLINE™ linear series.  SKYLINE’s cutting-edge lensing solution offers seam-free corners, superior LED protection and uninterrupted illumination — all from it’s slender 2.5″ aperture.  Its minimal linear profile can be connected to create long, continuous lines of light with inside, outside, flat or even custom-angled corners.

Skyline offers countless possibilities to provide an elegant yet generous line of light in any architectural space — including wet location.  Just imagine the unprecedented freedom in design and application — canopies, exterior stairwells, facade detailing and decorative patterns.

An evolution of the UNA™ WET series, SKYLINE™ officially debuted at LIGHTFAIR 2018 in May.  Advancements in engineering and design have made the SKYLINE™ more efficient and durable, higher performance, yet priced to sell.

Why Choose SKYLINE™?

  1. Innovative design minimizes seams with zero light leaks, while keeping bugs and debris out, and eliminating gaskets
  2. Uninterrupted illumination for flawless lines of light with customizable lengths and corner angles
  3. High-efficiency performance — up to 72 lm/W
  4. Generous amounts of dimmable light — up to 1,000 lm/foot
  5. Field replaceable light source assembly sections and integral drivers
  6. Durable aesthetics utilizing encapsulated LED boards and wet listed drivers to minimize LED failure from water intrusion
  7. Priced to sell

The only limit is your imagination with SKYLINE™. For complete details, contact your local lighting representative or visit